The cancellations of Nigeria

The Lists

This page links to lots of lists. Four are complete lists of post office names, and the other ten are detailed lists of cancels. All are in Word format (.doc) and downloadable so that you can use them on your own computer and adapt them as desired. The complete lists and the 10 cancels lists were updated in November 2018. Earlier sets of lists are available on the archive page. Each list uses blue highlight to show changes from the previous version.

My particular thanks to WASC members Ray Harris, Rob May, Philip Quirk, Svein Vikhamar, Simon Heap, Mark Buckell and Peter Horlyck for information.

Feel free to download and use the lists but please bear in mind that:

The lists of offices

The detailed lists of cancels

The A-Z lists of cancels are divided up for manageability into ten separate documents. The head of each document provides a key to abbreviations, use of colours etc. For each office the known cancels are listed, classified according to Jones, Proud, Ince and Sacher as relevant, with ealiest and latest use dates. The final two columns of each table give the date range of cancels in my own collection, but you can of course delete those... These lists updated November 2018.

Vol 1-9 cover all cancels which came into use on or after 1 January 1914, when Nigeria became a single country. Vol 10 covers all cancels which came into use before then, and includes details of code letters, colours etc. Earlier sets of lists are available on the archive page.

Updating lists

I update these lists from time to time: when and how depends a lot on how much new information I am sent.